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Loved the soaps, the aroma and the textures all bring an amazing experience. You can literally smell the materials used in the soaps. Trust them blindly with the skin, no chemicals, no issues..
Especially loved the rose soap! Waiting for newer mixes! Also, really great for gifting
Keval Tanna
If ever there was a product that lived upto it’s name, it has to be bath boons. When the rest of the ‘off the supermarket shelf’ products are packed with chemicals, to get an all natural alternative is truly a boon..Quality products that are easy on the skin and at affordable prices make bath boons a must have.Highly recommended by this satisfied customer. Give it a go and join the ever growing bath boons fraternity!
Indu Poonath
The handmade soaps r beautifully blended in a variety of mixes….The aroma of the soaps is amazing and absolutely great on the skin leaving it refreshing and revitalized.
Darshana Mahajan
I have tried almost all the varieties and have to say that they are all AWESOME!!! All of them have very soothing fragnances and does not dry the skin too. I would highly recommend everyone to try Bath Boons products
The array of soaps offered by bathboons is just beyond amazing! These soaps are hand crafted with love and care, using all the natural organic ingredients. I highly recommend trying their soaps so you can test how awesome they smell on the skin. Go grab yours now and experience the difference with bathboons. My personal fav is coffee and oats.
Varsha Shankar
Thank you for introducing these natural soaps. They are very effective and their different varieties makes sure all have their own favourites.. For me it’s the black and white with charcoal cleansing..
I used the tomato rose soap from bath boons and wanted to pen a few words about how amazing. I have used a lot of organic soaps that claim to moisturise skin but has always ended up drying it. Bath boons is different as it’s soap is made of pure coconut oil that it makes your skin glow. I have been regularly using it and it’s worth the money.
I am extremely satisfied with your amazing line of soaps.. They smell great and make my skin refreshed for the whole day.. Each soap has its own magic.. Thanku for introducing these fully natural bath soaps..
Never did I think that I would get so addicted to these soaps that I would find it so hard to go back to the popular brands that I had been using! There aren’t many products that work well on my extremely dry skin, but these soaps and lotions work wonders. 
Few things that I like about the soaps and lotions:
  • The soaps are a good size- not too small, not too big, very easy to hold!
  • Amazing range of fragrances – again not too strong, not too mild. I like the balance in everything! 
  • Soaps lather well and make the skin feel soft and fresh. Doesn’t dry out the skin at all, which is why I can even use it to wash my face!
  • The lotions are not at all sticky which makes it perfect for all seasons. Keeps my skin from drying out for at least 24 hours.
I would definitely recommend these products to all, regardless of skin type, since these are completely natural. I am sure everyone will find something that works best for them! 
Really excited and waiting for Bath Boons to launch more products!
Aruna Pillai
Ever since I can remember, bath soaps have always left my skin dry after a wash. I never thought about it much, as I always assumed there was no perfect solution. That said, I have tried a couple of times “moisturizer” soaps that left a greasy uncomfortable feeling after a wash. I think Bathboons soaps has hit the right balance. It does not leave you with a dry skin or a greasy feel. It’s ironic that bathboons, a home based startup, delivered what multinational corporate soaps always promised in their commercials but never delivered, a true feel of freshness. I never thought I would write a testimonial for a soap product. But I felt it very important that I let others like me know that there is a right solution. Because only then can this great product get the support it deserves and for our own interest, keep our access to this product.
Sandeep Mohan
It’s indeed a boon for those seeking for bath products more natural and soothing. It’s definitely different from the usual ones found on shop shelves. The gentle fragrance of the soap leaves you refreshed and charged up for the day. Kudos to the bath boons team for their great products!